Crystal Clear Memories

At Crystal Clear Memories, we are the industry leader in laser-engraved 3D crystals. No one makes it easier to buy 3D crystals on their website than us. We show you an instant proof of your engraved glass with our patent-pending Live Preview™ technology before you buy.

Our 3D artists meticulously work with your photograph to make it 3D, a painstaking manual process that we have optimized for excellence. Our proprietary software, ClearScene, optimizes your 3D crystal for maximum clarity and brightness with our HD Edge™ enhancement process.

We ship your 3D crystal from our offices in Tampa, Florida with delivery tracking. You can buy with confidence knowing that your custom engraved crystal will reach you by your guaranteed delivery date. After your personalized 3D crystal arrives, we will stand behind your glass crystal, with our world-renowned support team and with our 5-Year Break-Free Guarantee ensuring that, if any accidents happen, we’ll make it right.

Simply put, if you’re looking for a perfect gift, a 3D crystal, Crystal Clear Memories is where you want to be. Just see what our customers have to say.


What are my shipping options?

When you check out, you'll have a number of shipping options that meet your budget and time frame. We also display the guaranteed delivery dates for each shipping option, so you can know for sure that your order will arrive when you need it, and that you're selecting the best shipping option for your wallet.

How will my order be shipped?

We ship the majority of our orders with UPS, but we cannot guarantee a specific carrier - but we do guarantee we'll ship it to arrive by the time we say it will. We ship from our headquarters and manufacturing facility in Tampa, Florida.

How long does it take for my order to ship?

Once you place your order, you will immediately see it on our Track Your Order page as Processing. We then prioritize orders based on guaranteed delivery date so your crystal arrives on or before the date we promised. For orders with shipping addresses closer to our location in Florida, this may mean a longer handling time than orders distant from us, all so we can meet your guaranteed delivery date. Not to worry, your crystal will arrive when we say it will!

You say you guarantee your delivery. What's that mean?

Our checkout process lists a delivery date based upon our own image conversion, processing, and engraving time, as well as the time our delivery carriers quote us to get your crystal to your destination. Sometimes, whether it's because of something under our control or not (such as weather-related issues), your order may not arrive in time. We promise to make it right in the event that that occurs. Simply contact us and let us know your order was late, and we'll make it right.

We guarantee the shipping dates of all of our orders when we have all of the information available to us at the time of purchase. In other words, if we have to reach out to you to complete a purchase (such as if you select "Choose Later" when ordering a custom crystal, or if we have to contact you regarding a photo issue), we can no longer guarantee the delivery date that was shown at the time of purchase. We'll always give you an opportunity to cancel your order if we have to reach out to you to clarify the order or gather additional information, if the projected delivery date no longer works for you.

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